Zwift Race – Criterium Training Race (BRT) – C

I raced on Zwift last week and came in towards the bottom of B, but would have won C. I was just on the line. However, this race was a little longer than my cyclocross fitness is tailored for so I went with C for it. My brother-in-law Fritz joined for this one too. The race was on the Watopia Volcano Flat course with 3 laps total.

I’m not sure if this is the flattest race course available in Zwift, but it has to be close. Combine that with the #doubledraft that was enabled for this race and it was a good peloton for most of the race. From the very start people were afraid to work. Usually there’s a good sprint at the start but this one started with a thud. There were a few half-hearted efforts from racers to pull away but they immediately got pulled back. For most of the race I was cruising at about 230 watts and able to chat it up on Twitch. That is until about four miles to go. For most of the race I was, if anything, too close to the front. When the move came I wasn’t close enough. Two riders broke away, Fritz and a few others gave chase, by the time I saw how real it was they had a decent gap on me and my group was strung out. For the next two two miles we put in some real effort and pulled them back. However, at this point I was cooked. We went up the biggest incline (not that big) of the course and I cracked and fell off the back. At about a mile to go I realized I couldn’t see the rider in front of me and the next person behind me was two minutes back. I sat up, zipped up my jersey, and cruised in.

I finished mid pack and Fritz won. My average was about 20 watts lower than my last race, but the last race was pretty much a solo hillclimb effort in NYC and shorter. Oh well, I’ll get that W in the C’s soon enough and move back up to B. It’s right around the corner!

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  1. Fritz Hartman says:

    For the record, I placed 3rd on Zwift, but first on Zwift Power. I think that both racers in front of me were NOT signed up in Zwift Power. Please sign up if you can. Just Google Zwift Power. You’ll get it.

  2. Fritz Hartman says:

    Oh, and it looks like we both were over category limits. So they popped us into the B’s. 8th and 14th. Not bad!

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