Zwift Race – WBR 10 Laps LaGuardia Loop Race (28km/17mi) – C

Nate’s Race Report:

So the last two races I did I went all out on the start with a MTB/CX style opening and in both races ended up shooting off the front. Big mistake! I lost the race in the first mile. There was a break and Fritz got in the front group and that was the last I saw of him! My group worked though, don’t get me wrong, it was a hard first few minutes and I started out well above my FTP (250 watts) for several minutes until we settled down.

After this we settled down to threshold, I kept 3.2 w/kg which is the top of what’s allowed for C, and stayed there. The course is really short and flat, but every bit of elevation produced a predictable false attack. After the attack the leader would drop back to far below threshold. Don’t attack if you don’t mean it! Just wasting energy. Mental note: in C races this happens, don’t respond in the future. Stay at my threshold and let them attack and fall back and burn their matches.

So back to this course: it’s short. 1.7 miles. This means I got lapped by the A riders. I knew there would be a huge surge when the A’s came by and, sure enough, it happened. This one I think I played well though. I didn’t chase. I let my group chase, tire, and fall back.

After the A’s went by we were getting close to the end. My group got a little shy of doing work and I didn’t want to let them all come to the line fresh so I put in some work out front. It worked! We dropped some people. I pulled some people along though. They pulled ahead of me in the last .3 mile. Too early though. I drafted, saved energy, and gave a sprint at 500ft left and passed 6 people and got second in my group at a photo finish at the line.

Overall thoughts: the course is too short, being lapped by A’s isn’t a dynamic I like. My mic levels suck, I need to fix it.

Oh yeah, Fritz won the C race!!!


Fritz’s Race report:

Even though I won the category, I kind of sort of hated that race. It is too short and lapping other ridersĀ  causes mass chaos because you loose track of the riders in your group. Which means, you are forced to kind of sprint through the group … well you do this is the group you are in happens to contain some douche bags, which mine did.

My race: Yeah, I got in the lead group and stuck with them for around two laps. At that point, I looked around then and saw that I was the only C in the group and quickly dropped back. At that point in the race, I’ve learned that if you try to stay with the fast group, you will suffer and blow up. It don’t matter how well I “think” I feel either. Luckily, there was a group of B’s and C’s about 20 seconds back. And they looked pretty big. So I joined up. But they were not a very good or smart group. They kept trying to split the group up the entire race and then we had that D (probably on Z power) who was pulling a lot of crap too. I mean every time they hit a hill or came across a lapped rider they would speed up. It was chaos.
With a lap to go, my group split up and I was on the wrong side of the split. We came across a big group and I think that the rest of the C’s I was with just kind of gave up early — I think they got a bit scared of the acceleration. At any rate, by the time I got around them and the group, it was over. But then I had a gap on the C’s I had been with. And I happened to be with a B who got shelled as well. So I liked my chances versus a straight up sprint. It was a risk as the B rider could have just given up. But I had ridden with him the entire race, and he seemed pretty steady. It worked, and soon 4 seconds become 10 seconds and by the time we got to the final corner, we had 17 seconds. The B had helped me out so much that I thought that the least I could do was lead him out for the sprint as there was really no reason for me to contest it … plus I was worried about being over category.
I think that there has been some controversy concerning the finish line in New York. I haven’t seen the video yet, but looking at your times, you guys had a hell of a sprint. I’ll have to check it out!

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  1. Fritz Hartman says:

    Fritz’s comments on Nate’s race:
    You were actually closer to me than you thought! That group that you let go around 7:30 was actually the group I ended up dropping back and riding with! We were that close!!! Though you had a much more enjoyable group to ride with. You guys had some really nice synergy going on.

    And that sprint. I think you timed it just right. You are right, a bunch of them went too early. I see this a lot on Zwift. Look, if you ain’t much of a sprinter (like me) just go early. You might catch a bunch of peoplewatching each other. But be prepared for sprinters (like you) to pip you at the line!

  2. nathanloop says:

    We both got bumped up to the B category on Zwift Power. I guess I’m a B rider now without ever getting that C win! Oh well.

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