WBR 3 Laps Flat Race Reverse (30.3km/18.8mi)

  • I got 5th in the B group. And I got super lucky.
    • Started out with fast group for most of the first lap (I think)
    • I realized that this was not going to work out, so I dropped back. Lots of B’s dropped back at the same time or just after I did.
    • But they dropped back in 1’s and 2’s. I just felt I needed a bigger group.
    • Finally this big group of C’s and B’s came along. Note: in my experience, fast C riders are really B riders in disguise.
    • The big chunky group worked really well. We started to actually gobble up B riders who got dropped from the A group.
    • At one point (1 .5 laps to go) a B rider decided to take off, and he got a gap of about 10 seconds. But my group didn’t take the bait.
    • Then we had this situation in which he had these two B riders up the road by 50 seconds with around 5 miles to go. It was going to be close.
    • Again, the group I was in “stayed on target” and steadily reeled them in. We broke their hearts with a little under a mile to go.
    • For the last 3 miles, I truly was barely hanging on sometimes. I’ve noticed that if you are not prepared for the surge or at the back when a surge happens, you have got to GO. There aint no messing around. Easier said than done when tired.
    • Finally, came to the last little bump. And I found myself in a nice position: 700 meters to go behind 4-5 riders.
    • I wouldn’t get that position again, so I popped the Aero PU and ramped up the speed. I didn’t really accelerate though until I got by the rest of the other riders. I got lucky and it worked. I actually won the sprint from my group.

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  1. nathanloop says:

    Nice job on taking the sprint finish! I loved the part about “we broke their hearts,” it’s so true when you do a big effort and just get pulled back. You end up right back in the group with nothing to show for it but some fatigue! It’s true on the fast C’s, every race you have them and they get bumped to B… like us the last race!

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