Zwift Race – Criterium Training Race (BRT) (B)

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Today’s race was Nathan, Fritz, and Eric all racing B (N. Loop, F. Hartman, and E. Halverson)

Nathan’s take:

So adding to my theory that no Zwift race ever starts the same, this was different: It was a mass start with A’s and most of the B’s were trying to keep up with that A group in the surprisingly long lead-up to the actual starting line. They were pushing well over my threshold hold though and I knew it was only a matter of time till I cracked off the A’s so I just sat up early and went back betting that I could save some energy and catch more B’s as they fell off the A group. Turns out my bet worked! I fell back and traded pulls with a single rider for awhile and then saw Fritz fall back too. I was glad when he pointed out we could sit up and fall in with the C’s who weren’t far behind, I didn’t see them coming up. Saved watts! Then later Fritz, who is a master of not working if he doesn’t have to, starts pulling hard at the front. I say something to the effect of “Fritz is really working, he sees something ahead he wants to catch” and sure enough soon after I realized there was a pack of B’s that had cracked off the front including Eric. Nice job reeling them back Fritz! After the race I asked Eric how long he stayed with the A group and he said “not long.” Once Fritz’s pull merged the groups that was our group for the rest of the race.

Here’s my typical roadie response of some excuses: My room was hotter than I like and I did an outdoor ride last night so I was suffering this race. I was really hoping we wouldn’t go early because I knew I didn’t have much in the tank for a long effort but that’s exactly what happened. I didn’t get a chance to really “sprint” because the pack just added on more and more watts over the last 2k and by the time I saw the line I was already at 700 watts and struggling to stay on so didn’t have much kick left in me. Oh well! Pack finish. Eric had a strong performance and did a ton of work on the front of our group and still placed well, Fritz immediately behind, me a few places back, but all within a second of each other.

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  1. Fritz Hartman says:

    So my take on what happened that race…

    It was actually closer than it looked. And it was really my fault…mainly for not getting on discord!
    1) I forgot about the damned “pre-lap” or “run-in” or whatever they call it. And in London, the run-in is something like 3 miles long and over some hills. You got dropped on that one hill from the classique course. There is a trick to that hill which I think would have helped, but of course I wasn’t on discord.
    2) When I dropped back, there were something like 3 or 4 of us. But I shouldn’t have even tried to catch the group in front. I can maybe get back on with 15 seconds (if the group in front slows down), but not 20-25. I should have waited for the “C” group earlier. [Remember, fast C’s are really B’s].
    3) You might have noticed that I really tried to pull the C group up to that B group (Eric’s group). I am actually proud of that effort, because we did catch back on and it doesn’t look like too much energy was wasted on your part. I was wrecked and never fully recovered. I’m actually really really curious whether or not Eric’s group got popped from the front group or if they just stopped to wait. If they got popped, then that tells me that the trend on these flat races is there to be a group of A’s [1 or 2 fast B’s] and a group of B,C’s. Which means I wont have to sprint so much out of the gate.
    4) The sprint: I don’t usually have anyone to lead out, but I figured that I would slowly catch Eric’s wheel and hope you were behind me. Looking back at the footage though, you were not even started, and I realized that you probably didn’t know the end was nigh. One of the major things about Zwift that is different from the road is road resistance. There is none, except for some cobbles and maybe gravel. That means that every sprint is essentially on a babybutt smooth surface. Which means that once you get that rolling momentum going, you are going to get up a lot of speed. Essentially, I think that this means that sprints on Zwift tend to be twice as long distance wise as we might be use to on most scenarios on the road. In other words, you had a hell of a sprint, but I think you wound it up a little late. If you would have wound it up say 5-8 seconds earlier, I think you would have come right around us. But of course I couldn’t tell you any of this DURING the race. Why? Because I wasn’t on Discord!

    Yeah, so I have to get my ass on Discord. It would save a lot of hassle.

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