11/27/2018 Reverse Watopia WBR 6th in B’s

I did the WBR 3 lap reverse Watopia.

What is nice about WBR is that they have a nice blend of races. And they do choose the best courses. A lot of other races think its going to be awesome to do something stupid like going over a mountain twice. But then people stop racing because its boring.
Race report:
1) LOTS of B riders. At least 40. And a lot of A riders too, which meant that there would be a massive lead group for a while. But it could also mean that there would be a massive B group too. You see most of the B’s do not stay with the A group the entire race. They usually fall out one by one. If they fall off in too many drips and drabs, then they get too spread out and swallowed up by the C group.
2) But I had a feeling (unlike the London race at Saturday) that given the size of the group, that we would see a bunch of B’s drop back right around the start/finish line on the second lap. You start this race going up a ramp into some rollers…easy the first time through but pretty daunting the second go around with the fast group. I was right. And a group of about 10 “tier 2” B’s formed a group pretty quickly. Because we formed so late in the race, we already had 2 minutes on the C group behind.
3) The group was pretty awesome and controlled. There were not many stupid attacks. And when someone did go, they were on their own most of the time and the group reeled them in.
4) I did get caught out with about 4.5 miles to go. I even knew I had to pay attention. I think that it is interesting to note that the guy who beat me at the end was also caught out and kind of used my wheel to get back on.
5) The end: Some dude went with about 1.2 miles to go, but this group was savvy and did not split up to chase him down. Actually, (as long as I am not at the back) I don’t mind when everyone goes early. But not this time. I was ready to chase down anyone with .8 to go. But no one went. And then they slowed down at .6, so I hedged my bet that these dudes were lookers. I figured that if I got to the back and got some speed that I could get a gap. It was early, but if the others waited too long to chase me (waiting for someone else to do the work) I just might pull it off. One guy came with me and beat me, but I was able to get out in front of the rest. I’ll take it.
I got 6th.
Highlights (full race at bottom
Highlight 1 Crazy start and Uncle Bert’s advice
Highlight 2 Getting in the right group despite the turd monkeys
Highlight 3 Just Sipping Energy
Highlight 4 My Mistake
Highlight 5 Final Sprint
Full Race

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