EVR America West Weekend Race 12/1/2018


Link to race

Race results: 2nd in B’s (1st on Zwift Power because winner wasn’t in it — though looking back on the footage, I kind of think he might have been on Z power…who knows!)

Watopia figure 8 (2 times!) Which translate into 4 times up the hill. 36 miles

  1. 42 riders started the race, but only 10 actually finished — tells you that the race was probably too long for most. And there were too many spots to break it apart.
  2. Race started out pretty pedestrian. With four climbs, there is no reason to really make waves early – though some numbskulls tried.
  3. On the very first hill we got into our respective groups.
  4. But our B group didn’t really work all that well together the whole time. We had a couple of riders push it the entire race. For me (although I whine during the race) it can work out if riders pull this crap during a long race. It means everyone will be pretty tired for the sprint!
  5. What was really frustrating going up the second hill (31:00). We had only like 2-3 minutes on the big C group behind. And three dudes decide to take off. Which meant we had a group of 3 and a group of 4 chasing. I guarantee that if we would have stayed that way, we would have been caught. If those dudes wanted to try something, they should have waited for the last climb. In my opinion, people always think they have more matches then they actually do!!!
  6. I’m proud of my effort going up the climb the 4th time. I didn’t panic and actually gave myself a break halfway through., but I did drag my competition to the front. I do that a lot because I don’t have the acceleration to make a clean break. If I want to avoid doing this in the future, I have to do the old get to the back and get some momentum trick.
  7. I actually did really well timing my sprint! Yeah power is nice on a sprint, but momentum and timing is nice too. I started my run-in maybe 30 seconds too early. Again, I just got to the back, got speed, and went around group going faster than they were.  This strategy looks like it is working a lot for me, but to be honest, i strike out half the time!  I usually gear it up too late or someone else went way early and the pack is already going fast.

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