12/08/2018 WBR 3 Laps Park Perimeter

I got 7th in the B’s in a very crowded field, so I am happy with the result.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the recording right, so I don’t even remember much of the race.  What I do remember is this:

  • So far, NY is the only Zwift course I have not liked. There are too many choppy hills. I do fine on short hills. In fact, I use them to catch back often. My problem with NY is that the hills are just too much for inexperienced riders to handle. Its hard to get the whole “speed in to the hill” concept as well as the “burst over the top” concept. What happens is that okay riders get popped off because of complicated Zwift mechanics — not because they are poor rider. Also, you get these little small groups of riders that are just unpredictable. Some are good and work well toghet and others just sort of break apart. And you just don’t know which type of group you are in!
  • At the end of the 2nd lap, I knew that I was with the B leaders (minus 2 guys who were just beasts!).  We were going pretty hard, and I misjudged a critical surge. Before I knew it, our group of 7 riders was down to 3. Four had surged up the road. I was not going to chase them down (I didn’t have the energy and even if I did I would have burned too many matches).
  • So I dropped back to the group behind, but they were all broken to hell. Yeah there were like 6 riders, but we would constantly break apart and then come back together. Guys were trying to go with something like 5 miles to go!
  • On the second or third to last hill (there are so many of them I don’t know), I used the old momentum rolling hill trick. So, on rolling hills, what I TRY to do towards the end of the race is stay at the back of the group. I want to be in the fattest draft possible. Anyway, if you can time it just right, as the front of the group hits the uphill, they  will suddenly slow way down, but not you! Your speed will be faster then theirs. I think that it can be by almost a factor of two or three in some cases! Anyway, it is a good time to burn the match when you already have some speed. Sure, you are going to slow down, but you can get 5,6  second quickly using this trick.
  • It worked and I caught a couple of guys who had taken off earlier. One of them, “Hodges” was a real class act. For the last 2 miles (and for some time before that) he basically has TT ing his way the whole time. Hodges, if you are reading this, once you learn to suck some wheels, you will be an A rider. At any rate, Hodges and I dropped the other guy and there was no way that I felt right after all the pulling he did the entire race going up against Hodges in a sprint. But I still wanted to practice “my end of the race tired as hell sprint” anyway, so I gave him about 10 seconds. Turned out that there was no need. Hodges could have easily wiped me out anyway. What a class act!
  • I feel okay with 7th. I think something like 50 riders started in the B category. There were 180 racers overall at the start, which means the whole first lap was awful as the A’s tried to break everyone!

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