12/11/2018 Watopia Flat Reverse 1st

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What a difference a day of rest makes! How did I win? (luck mainly) But I felt good the entire race. Here are the reasons I think why…

  1. After the Hound disaster, I did another hour and a half on the turbo at just below threshold. It had been awhile since I had really worked the long fibers. I sense that I always seem to do well a could of days after a long slow ride.
  2. During the day, I remembered to drink a lot, and I ate at least something for lunch as well. Pretty darn simple.
  3. I had two cups of coffee ( one in the afternoon).
  4. There were only 3 A riders. A riders tend to try to break up the race constantly. As a B, you have to stay with these attacks for at least the first 1/8th of the race if you want to get with other fast B’s as they drop out. In this race, we just sort of collectively let the A’s go.
  5. The group was really tight and smart. There were very few stupid attacks. Don’t get me wrong, we went hard up the hills, but we kept the surges to a minimum.
  6. My “shoulder to shoulder” drafting felt right on. Sometimes I have it and sometimes I don’t.
  7. I got an Aero power-up.
  8. The end to this race is slightly uphill and longer than people think, which suits me. The final group was bigger than I prefer (10-15), but I was just happy to be with them.
  9. The sprint started to really ramp up with about a quarter mile to go. And then the group of 5 in front of me just paused ever so slightly with about 1000 feet to go. I went. It worked, but barely. I think I won by .02 and .09 seconds!

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