12/15/2018 WBR 2 Lap Greater London Flat Race (28.5km/17.7mi) — 9th

Link to video here.

That one didn’t hurt as much as annoyed me…And I am mainly annoyed by myself!

  • Start was your normal speedy affair. And there were only a handful of A’s.
  • But instead of making their own group, this group of A’s stayed with the main B group, which meant we had to constantly deal with their shenanigans.
  • Whenever I am in a group with just a few A’s, I actually try to stay near the front. That was when the A’s do their surges, I can catch the wheels of the B riders chasing them down. Its a lot less risky now that they have those dots on the mini map. I can usually anticipate when the fattest part of the chase blob is coming by and catch the draft back up to the leaders. For the first half of the race, I think that I did this pretty well.
  • But during the second half, I sort of forgot and found myself at the back chasing down surges.
  • More importantly, I forgot to spin out the acid when things slowed down a bit.  Yeah, it hurts at the moment, but it is worth it in the end.
  • The end of the first lap was devastating for B’s like me. A TON of B’s fell off, but they did in 1’s and 2’s, which means a strong B chase group never formed, which is rare in these races. It would have if there had been more A’s.
  • Then that finish … I just dropped out too soon. I’m not sure if I was thinking straight. Yeah my HR was at 168 (I top out in the low 170’s), but there was only a mile to go! Again, I didn’t microsip enough.
  • Featured pic is the moment I let go.


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