12/27/2019 HIKCRIT 9th

Race is here.


Richmond flat.  Great course for crits.

  • Loaded field. I think that I accidentally hit upon the “cool kids” race.
  • Therefore, I should have stayed with that A group for a little longer. At 21:00 you can see when things start to split apart. I just saw a blob of B’s start to form. Usually, when a B blob forms about 1/3 in the race, you can count on it being the fastest group. We usually end up picking up other rider as they fall off in ones and twos. Not today. I should have stayed with the speedy group. I even felt like I should have at the time. Lesson: If you are in the cool kids race, (or maybe it was just Richmond) stay with the fast group as long as possible.
  • Our group wasn’t all that bad. We just chilled for most of the race. No attacks and very little BS. I got to really rest up.
  • I did okay with the final run in. Used the old attack from behind trick when they slowed down. I went too soon, but no one wanted to chase until I had 5 to 6 seconds.  By then it was over.
  • I got 9th.

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