3R London flat 2 laps


Race Report:


  • Had a drop out at the worst possible moment early on.
  • Not sure if it would have made a difference anyway. Pretty sure double draft was on because our little group got caught pretty quickly by the big B group.
  • I went early by about 200 yards, and I knew it. But with a group this big coming in to the final sprint, I really didn’t have much of a choice.  You can see the whole field rush around me. I should have waited!  I even did a sprint workout a few days ago.
  • Still, it was a fun race. I do wish the WBR (now 3R) would do something smart and just stagger each group. A’s would get a 2 minute lead, then B’s and then C’s.  Mixing us all together just lets some questionable B’s confuse things.

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