1/16/2019 Tour De Zwift 15th in B’s (out of hundreds)

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Tour De Zwift of Richomond course.

  • Rushed home from work to do this one. Thought that since it was Richmond that fewer people would show up. I was wrong.
  • As you can see from the start, I never even really saw the front group. I just don’t have massive groups down yet. What I think happens is that those lucky enough to be near the front at the start, really go for it. They know that a ton of folks are going to try to follow and will fail 30 seconds in. Which means they become little speed sapers for folks chasing behind.
  • But I just did what i could, but I also made some mistakes early. I could have bridged to main group, but I thought that the riders right behind me would help. I mean, why work making the bridge when someone else does it for you. Again, I must have been surrounded by some pretty tired folks because it became apparent that no one else was coming up to help.
  • In the end though, I am not sure that it mattered much as the group I was in did an okay job on the first lap. I put in just enough of an effort to be with a decent group of 6-7 at the start of the second lap. We were caught by a larger group, but we also picked up a couple of ones and two as well. With Richmond, you do NOT want to be alone going into the flats.
  • The second time up the 3 hills was brutal.  Actually, the first time was harder. But I was pretty zonked byt the end of that third climb. I’m okay with climbing repeats, but Richmond’s are different in that they are Long and steep (libby hill), short and REALLY steep, and then long and medium. So pacing is kind of an issue. I love it.
  • I got 15th in the B (out of hundreds). So I did waaay better then I thought I did. Not that I could have done any better, but if I had known, I might have put in a bigger effort up the final climb … Nah, it wouldn’t have made a difference.

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