1/19/2019 W3 Volcano climb 2nd [B category]

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Race Report

  • Sloooooow start. Not a ton of riders. There was a Tour De Zwift going on, but even then… But it was a smart start. We were about to have a sensible group of A and B riders, which would break up on the climb.
  • Still, it was surprising how many riders must have missed the group. Anyway, made it to the climb and I think that I paced it okay. I think I could have gone harder, but there wouldn’t have been any point at that point in the race.
  • Near the top of the climb, I had the good fortune of catching another B rider, and stayed on his ass around the plateu. With most climb’s, you might get a bit of a “flat top”, but with the valcano (ot surprisingly) you get tota flatness for 500 meters before decening. You can loose a lot of time in those 500 meters!
  • We went down the hill, sort of together. I tried to keep the speed up, and I hope he didn’t think I was being a jerk.
  • Into the finish, I popped a feather on the last little bump. I had enough energy to hold it all the way to the end and managed to get a gap. The guy I was following (Bradley) didn’t make it easy though. He kept the pressure on right up until the bump, which made it hard to get around.

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