1/22/2019 3R LaGuardia Loop Flat Race 10 Laps 2nd [B’s]

Link to Video


I got second and piped at line.

  • Start was terrible. I had a drop out right away. But you know what? I think the adrenaline surge actually helped me to get into that main group and stick with them for a while.
  • Later, I found out that there was a pro in the race (Ben King), which might explain why the A’s were so fast.
  • That being said, when I dropped back (3rd lap), I killed myself to catch a B up the road. My hope was that we would be able to hold off the group behind.
  • And we did for the most part, except I did not count on the A’s lapping up right at the finish of our 9th lap. Some other riders caught that group and got a free ride up to us and beyond.
  • The last lap was pretty epic. And then the final sprint, I pooped out just a few meters before the line and got pipped by the winner. Amateur hour. Still, a pretty good race.
  • For fun, watch the video at  around 39:15. This was when the A’s past us. Granted, they were doing their final sprint, but it is remarkable to see how fast they can get.

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