2/2/2019 3R London Flat 11th (B) race

Link to race

Race of 2 halves.

  • Awesome start. There were over 170 riders in this one, so getting the front group was imperitive.
  • I didn’t really struggle to stay with the front group either.
  • But my heart rate was creeping up there…which meant I should have been paying attention
  • But you can see at right around 15 minutes, I made the error of dropping my power when the group was strung out. You just can’t do that. The riders behind came by with such speed that I never had much of a chance to get their wheel. Sometimes, you have to be ready to sprint or burn a match in the middle of a race. I should have popped my PU at that point. You can even here me say “Cmon!” But for some reason I didn’t.
  • I caught the leftover B’s, and it was an okay group. Since my race was over, I decided to go for it with a mile to go … way too early, but you never know your limits till you test them. Everyone came around and beat me. I probably lost 2 places dorking around, but whatever.

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