3/9/2019 3R Innsbrucking 2nd B

Link to video of the race

  • no rides in 3 days; sleep 5 hours; probably didn’t drink enough
  • 110 riders, which is perfect size
  • Lead pack established within 30-1 minute, which (along with the upcoming hill) meant that the A’s didn’t try to shell us right away, which meant we had a sensible start.
  • Innsbruck is mainly flat, but it has a nasty kicker that peaks and then immediately goes into negative gradients.
  • The first time up the hill and the immediate downhill [9:00-10:45]was the most important point in the race for me, and I think I did pretty well. I popped a climbing PU. I think that i timed things right as I was the last guy into what turned out to be the chase group. We were mainly B riders with a cheater C and a fast (and frustrated) A.
  • I simply sat on their wheels. This group was moving fast, and I had no choice put to hang on.
  • We actually made time on the lead group during that second lap. They had 20+ seconds over the first time up the hill, but we closed within 6, and I think we hit the hill with more speed, which meant we caught and passed a couple of riders from the first group and went right around.
  • Again I kicked at the top of the second time up the hill and again I barely caught on. This time we lost a couple of riders up the road and some more off the back.
  • But those two kicks did me in. I had nothing at all for the sprint. The riders around me were actually a little stronger than I’m used to anyway. I’m happy with what turned out to be a 2nd and grateful I was in the right place at the right time at the crest of the hill … both times.

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