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3/9/2019 3R Innsbrucking 2nd B

Link to video of the race no rides in 3 days; sleep 5 hours; probably didn’t drink enough 110 riders, which is perfect size Lead pack established within 30-1 minute, which (along with the...


2/2/2019 3R London Flat 11th (B) race

Link to race Race of 2 halves. Awesome start. There were over 170 riders in this one, so getting the front group was imperitive. I didn’t really struggle to stay with the front group...


12/27/2019 HIKCRIT 9th

Race is here.   Richmond flat.  Great course for crits. Loaded field. I think that I accidentally hit upon the “cool kids” race. Therefore, I should have stayed with that A group for a...